Ryan Speer / Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Mike Della Cioppa / Bass, Vocals

Frank Mapstone / Keys, Vocals

Brock Wollard Drums

ONGLOM is a 4-piece electronic rock band that combines grimey, distorted down-tempo grooves with high energy dance explosions. The sound is an eclectic mix of musical influences ranging from quirky indie rock/pop, classic psychadelic rock, down-tempo electronica, and experimental. As a rule, glitches and eccentricites are embraced.

KONGLOM plans to release our music as singles accompanied by music videos that develop the narrative of an alternative universe in which a Television-induced dream logic makes anything possible. This has begun with the creation of our first video single for "Atom & Evo", which will be premiering on this website very soon.

KONGLOM is currently (and forever) in the studio producing our latest track. You can listen to our singles "Atom & Evo" and "Electric Horses" right now on our music page